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Leasing Fee
Monthly Management Fee
25% of 1st Month's Rent
No Monthly Fee
$300 Onboarding Fee - $150 MIN
6% Management Fee
$300 Onboarding Fee - $170 MIN
8% Management Fee
Rental Analysis 
Examine multiple factors to give you the best rental price for your property.
Listing & Marketing
Property marketing to tenants and handle all the inquiries and showings.
Tenant Screening & Placement.
Credit & eviction background screening.
Lease Preparation
We'll prepare a strong lease that will protect you as a landlord​.
Rent Collection
Collect rent from tenants and safely distribute to property owner.
Detailed monthly owner statements to stay on top of your cash-flow.
Move-Out Inspections
Detailed inspection with photos.
Tenant correspondence
All correspondence related to the tenancy will be handled by 33 Property Management.
Handling Security Deposits
We'll handle all security deposit related responsibilities which includes holding it in a proper escrow account, making proper deductions, and processing returns or disputes.
24/7 Emergency Line
Tenants can call us for emergency maintenance concerns.
New Property With Existing Tenant
When taking on a new property with an existing lease, 33 Property Management will have the tenants complete a new application and lease agreement.
Maintenance Corrdination
Coordinates the maintenance of your property with licensed and insured vendors.  We strive to keep costs down when necessary to take care of repairs and maintenance items on your property.
Lease Renewal
We will extend the term of an existing lease or rental agreement.
$500 $200
Close Out File
Preparation and drafting documents to close out a client’s file
Serving Notices
Should a need arise to serve a notice to your tenant, our team will meet the legal deadlines and file the proper paperwork.
Annual Propery Assessment
Annual preventative maintenance check to mitigate liability and future potential damage to property.
Financial Reporting
Year-end Statement & 1099.
Only used if paying for 
online rent payments

Mailing or Forwarding of Packages for Owner $25 plus cost 
of postage

Only pay for postage